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About Us

The Gender, Power & Sexuality Workshop is run by seven former GPS participants. Below are some of us!



Hi! My name is Flo and this is my second semester being involved with GPS. I am a facilitator for the Spring 2018 season, and I took GPS in Fall 2017. GPS has been such an incredible experience for me and has really affected me in lots of positive and mobilising ways. One of the things I value most about GPS is the community I have been able to become a part of. I have never felt more loved, supported and encouraged to grow and challenge myself from a group of people I only spent 10 weeks with. Another thing I value most about GPS is the way it encourages personal growth and empowerment through the reclamation of my own personal experiences and narrative. I’m really excited to facilitate this semester and continue to learn from, grow with and build more community.



Hey y’all! I’m Amani and I am a facilitator for GPS this season! I was a participant this past fall (2017) and absolutely loved the space I found GPS to cultivate. When I started GPS in the fall, I did not know anyone in my section, but after 10 weeks with this special group of humans I found people whose hearts and minds I deeply trust and who have become a dear family and community around me. I experienced GPS as an incredibly positive space for self and group reflection, realization, healing, and challenging myself to engage in questions and feelings I’d never engaged with before. I could not have asked for a better space or better group of people to move through this experience with. It’s hard for me to imagine my life now without the electrifying and vulnerable conversations that GPS has raised for me, and I am incredibly excited to continue my learning journey and build more community facilitating for the POC section this semester!



Hi y’all !! I’m Mena and I am helping with coordinating this semester in GPS fac group. This is my 5th semester in the GPS space, and I have facilitated, coordinated, and participated (Spring 2016). GPS has been such an important part of my life over the past few years! Through the workshop, I have met the most amazing people, become so much more comfortable and confident with myself, and learned so many new perspectives. The GPS space is unlike anything I have experienced and provides such a great opportunity for self reflection and growth. I’m really looking forward to this season, especially with the addition and expansion of some really important topics including fatphobia, desirability politics, and transformative justice.



Hello! My name is Ana and this is my second semester being involved with GPS, my first was in the Spring of 2017 as a participant and my second is this Spring as a facilitator! Being a GPS participant helped me to challenge and explore my sense of self and my relationships, including my experiences navigating the different identities that I hold. Overall, GPS fostered so much personal growth in a supportive and diverse community of individuals. It has been one of the most powerful experiences I have had in the last several years! I am so looking forward to being a facilitator this semester, to guide participants through these conversations, and to continue my own growth and learning.



Hi! My name is Alina and I am coordinating for GPS this season. I was a participant during the Fall of 2015 and have since both facilitated and coordinated, making this my 5th season with GPS. The workshop has been such a huge part of my life for the past couple years and has been the source of so much personal growth and reflection. GPS allowed me to get to know people in a way that was completely different to other experiences I've had and I'm so grateful for everything I've learned in the space! I am really looking forward to this season because I think we have a really fantastic facilitator group and have made some really important additions and changes to the curriculum. Apply apply apply!